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To make it possible for Applied Scholastics International to disseminate LRH’s educational technology to governments, schools and teachers all over the world, the IAS sponsored a 100-acre international headquarters at Spanish Lake, overlooking the Mississippi River in the United States.

At 126,000 square feet, Spanish Lake has the facilities to train teachers from every strata of the educational system. A community learning center located on the campus provides free tutoring and mentoring services to local children, with the teachers apprenticing under experienced Applied Scholastics educators.

Since Spanish Lake opened in 2003, entire schools and educational systems have been revived with LRH study technology. And through expanding teacher training programs emanating from Applied Scholastics International, salvage of the entire field of education is now a goal within reach.

Spanish Lake’s three course rooms hold more than 350 student teachers and are designed in a style that unites classic and modern to create a genuine learning environment.

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