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The Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum is driven by fourteen documentary videos that relentlessly lay out how psychiatrists have subverted every activity in national life and destroyed hundreds of millions of lives while raking in massive profits.

Most people recognize the inherent evil in psychiatry, as evidenced by public surveys that list a psychiatrist as the last person they would seek out for help.

But most people have no way of knowing the extent of that evil — that more than 100,000 people die each year in mental institutions, that 20 million children worldwide are on highly addictive mind-altering psychiatric drugs and that every 75 seconds another citizen is incarcerated by psychiatry. Instead, the job of informing the public about the despicable truth of psychiatry — and why it has been labeled an industry of death — has fallen to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).

The IAS has long supported the efforts of CCHR, resulting in the distribution of millions of publications that have made psychiatric abuses a focus of public scrutiny and official concern. To help CCHR accomplish its task, the Association funded the establishment of the international headquarters of CCHR in Hollywood, California. The remarkable centerpiece of that facility is CCHR’s museum — Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. With the opening of these new premises in December 2005, the global campaign to bring psychiatry under the law and clean up the entire field of mental health has taken on a whole new dimension — one that makes the obliteration of psychiatric abuse an inevitability.


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