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CCHR Traveling Exhibit
CCHR Traveling Exhibit
The CCHR traveling “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death” exhibits, funded by grants, are taking the crusade to cities around the world.
CCHR Traveling Exhibit

CCHR International’s headquarters in Los Angeles houses a permanent exhibit that displays the deplorable 330- year history of psychiatry, its abuses and failures.

This powerful graphic message is now spreading to major cities around the world with the new traveling CCHR exhibits, which are also funded by grants from the IAS. Presented in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, the modular format accommodates many types of venues, including malls, public buildings and convention halls.

The exhibit walks the visitor through psychiatry’s deathly legacy and the horrors of psychiatric “treatments.” It shows that medical doctors have condemned fraudulent and harmful psychiatric methods.

After being shown at the NAACP national conference in Miami, a unanimous resolution was passed by the leaders of that organization condemning psychiatric drugging.

In Mexico City, the exhibit was presented in the lobby of the House of Representatives. Among the hundreds who toured was a federal legislator who subsequently proposed a law to protect children from psychiatric abuse.

To date, over 380,000 people in more than 160 cities in 17 countries have visited the exhibits. They have walked away with the realization that the public’s low opinion of psychiatry is due to the profession’s continuous and consistent failure to produce a proven result.

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