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It is a brutal fact of modern history that only full-scale genocide will move some of our governments to act in defense of human rights. To counter that state of affairs, Mr. Hubbard called for the full implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — to make human rights a fact, not an idealistic dream.

In Europe, our human rights initiatives continue LRH’s lead and are coordinated by the Church of Scientology International’s European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights. With its neoclassical Regency style, located in the heart of the European Union, in Brussels, these stately premises were purchased and renovated with IAS funding — and opened in 2003.

To raise public awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and bring about its application, the office organizes and directs many activities throughout Europe. For instance, Youth for Human Rights International educates young people in human rights, creating valuable
advocates for tolerance and peace. Human rights educational tools include booklets, teaching materials, the award-winning music video UNITED and 30 TV public service announcements, one for each right guaranteed by the Declaration.

Internationally, our human rights education program has been adopted by the national human rights commissions and governments of both New Zealand and Mexico, and has earned commendations from the United Nations Development Program and UNICEF. Most important of all, by making human rights a fact, the IAS is creating a safe environment and keeping the road free for beings to achieve ultimate freedom.


Church of Scientology’s International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights in Brussels, showcases LRH tech to officials, religious leaders and human rights advocates. These leaders meet here to create programs that advance human rights and social betterment. Members of the European Parliament are frequent speakers.


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