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The IAS story plays out in full at the end of each October, when IAS Members from around the world converge on Saint Hill, the home of L. Ron Hubbard in the United Kingdom, to celebrate the anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists.

This annual gathering of thousands of Scientologists epitomizes the purpose of the IAS: to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion in all parts of the world, so the Aims of Scientology can be achieved. For it is here, in this historical venue, that the plans for new international campaigns, funded by the IAS, are unveiled and presented to the entire membership — not just to those in attendance at Saint Hill, but to Scientologists all over the world, since the entire proceedings are videoed and exported internationally. This then, is the emanation point of the planetary crusades supported by IAS memberships and donations.


To answer the most widely asked question about Scientology, as the religion rose to prominence in the mid 1990s, the IAS sponsored distribution of the encyclopedic reference book What is Scientology? to world leaders.

Human Rights Headquarters
in Brussels
In response to the subsequent wave of interest, the next mailing presented The Scientology Handbook — the most comprehensive manual on the basics of life, outlined in Scientology fundamentals.

That second dissemination project was then flanked with a third, the What is Scientology? Exhibitions and Expositions, which have toured hundreds of cities across 23 nations and toured hundreds of thousands of visitors.

And so it was — with the world’s foremost religious leaders joining our crusade — that we moved on to secure the religious rights of Scientologists in nation after nation — from Sweden to South Africa, Taiwan to Tanzania.

With intolerance and threats to religious freedom on the rise, the IAS stepped to the forefront in the name of freedom for every human being, supporting the establishment of a headquarters for human rights in Brussels, in the heart of the new Europe.

The world’s foremost human rights campaign was then launched, beginning with the distribution of publications promoting the importance of human rights and the Universal Declaration.

Summits and events to enlighten the government and officials followed — to encourage entire countries to adopt and enforce the Declaration. To further promote the issue, continental sporting events and marathons were held yearly, reaching across 90 cities, resulting in thousands of community leaders and dignitaries signing onto our Pledge calling for widespread implementation of the most basic rights of Man. Today, a wave of public service announcements are rolling out across the globe — each depicting the 30 articles of the Declaration, bringing its principles to life. The result: an international program that is well on the way to making human rights a fact for every inhabitant of Earth.

And to just that end — human rights — the IAS has also sponsored a global program to expose and eradicate the crimes and human rights violations of psychiatry.

Beginning with new headquarters for the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and a state-of-the-art audiovisual museum on psychiatry, the IAS has generated an international informational campaign presenting the truth about this destructive industry, inspiring a legion of “psych-busting” volunteers. To broaden the reach of the campaign, the IAS has funded the production of 11 traveling exhibits — portable versions of the museum — carrying vital information about psychiatric abuses to the heart of government centers in city after city, in nation after nation. And all the while, CCHR has continued to unleash IAS sponsored publications, one after another — by the millions.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights
International in Los Angeles, California
Today, psychiatry is reeling, with CCHR bringing the hammer down on its criminal agenda — closing down its institutions, outlawing its abuses — and all directed toward the permanent end of its reign of terror.


Narconon Arrowhead

At the same time, IAS is sponsoring major social betterment programs to uplift populations from the oblivion of psychiatry’s false solutions — with an arsenal of LRH technology being provided where most needed. First, it was the establishment of Narconon Arrowhead — the largest rehabilitation center on Earth and now spearheading that salvation across a planet-wide network that grows larger each day.

Applied Scholastics International
training campus
IAS has helped to tackle the global education crisis through sponsorship of an Applied Scholastics International training campus, now training educators at every level of learning. They come from across every continent of Earth and return to spread the gift of literacy — from American inner cities to remote African villages — while government educators bring Study Technology to entire national school systems.

The Way to Happiness Foundation headquarters grand opening in Los Angeles, California

And finally, raising moral standards across the entire culture is the new The Way to Happiness Foundation headquarters, now spearheading a movement to restore tolerance and trust across every continent with millions of The Way to Happiness booklets — comprising the world’s first non-religious moral code — passed hand to hand in 95 languages.

And while these campaigns culminate in a positive advance toward a new civilization, another vital vector is our crusade of help — now driven forward with an army of Volunteer Ministers answering the call, wherever and whenever — the largest disaster relief organization on Earth. From neighborhood and community level, that grass-roots movement of help is being brought to millions with a global cavalcade — large yellow tents presenting help in abundance and touring destinations as remote as Siberia and the Australian Outback.

The Volunteer Minister Cavalcade in Portland, Oregon

It all comprises what is now a truly worldwide movement, stamping the world with the unmistakable message — SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT.

What began with a dedicated few now stands as a monumental force spanning 156 nations. And as we review the recent accomplishments, it is clear that we are larger and more determined than ever to make the Aims of Scientology a global reality. Because, we are the IAS!


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