The IAS (International Association of Scientologists) is the official membership organization of Scientology. It was formed in 1984 with the purpose to unite, advance, support and protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world so as to achieve the Aims of Scientology as originated by L. Ron Hubbard:

“A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights.”

For more than three decades, the IAS has stood true to its purpose, sponsoring worldwide social salvage programs, social betterment footholds, Ideal Organizations in strategic cultural epicenters, Ideal Advanced Organizations and the dissemination of Scientology on a global scale.

The US IAS Members’ Trust (US IMT) is a trust formed in 1993 to enable the US citizens to make charitable tax-deductible contributions above their Lifetime membership. The US IMT advances the same worthwhile purposes as the IAS.

Thanks to the support of its members, the IAS and US IAS Members’ Trust provide grants for these humanitarian causes which have enabled the Church to help our society at an unprecedented rate.

The world today is in turmoil, with escalating immorality, flagrant violations of basic human rights, drug abuse spiraling out of control, and countless people dying at the hands of abusive psychiatrists. Because each of these ruins impedes millions from ever conceiving that help is possible—much less availing themselves of the Bridge to Total Freedom—the IAS provides grants to sponsor the most effective social salvage campaigns in the world, thus making these effective solutions available—free of charge—to those in a position to do something about it. With these campaigns, educators, police, correctional staff, and drug prevention groups can address these ruins and so make it possible for millions to improve their lives. These campaigns include United for Human Rights, The Truth About Drugs, The Way to Happiness, Citizens Commission on Human Rights and Volunteer Ministers.

IAS grants also provide the means to establish new Ideal Churches of Scientology in global cities of such strategic importance they impact the world. The first ones were opened in 2004 in Madrid and New York. Since then, the IAS has made possible the acquisition of Ideal Orgs in London, Berlin, Rome, Washington D.C., Brussels, Moscow, Inglewood in South Central Los Angeles, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, Kaohsiung, Bogotá, Tokyo and in Harlem, New York.

To make OT a reality for all, the IAS is sponsoring the acquisition of ideal facilities for the delivery of the OT levels on every continent of Earth. The first such Advanced Org was opened at the end of 2016 in Sydney servicing all of Australasia. There are more on the near horizon serving all of Latin America, Africa and Canada.

The IAS grants also make possible Ideal Continental Narconon Centers to provide not only rehabilitation of those affected by drugs, but also training facilities to enable the establishment of thousands of new Narconon Centers to help arrest the escalating drug problem.

Through its sponsorship of these humanitarian and social betterment programs, the IAS is creating a profound impact on the world.

“The IAS is making a real difference on this planet. What other group works so tirelessly for the betterment of mankind? It’s impossible to imagine a more important cause and that’s why I’m honored to take part in this truly monumental effort.”—J.C.

“If you want to do a significant thing in society, it is not easy, but by supporting the IAS, you help people all over the world—isn’t that great!”—F.H.

“When one of my sons came to me with a serious alcohol problem, I recommended he get in touch with Narconon. However, he didn’t act right away. His problem was made worse when he went to a doctor for help with DTs (delirium tremens, a condition caused by alcohol withdrawal). The doctor gave him anti-anxiety medication, which made his problem much worse—in fact, life or death. The family then acted and he went to Narconon in Michigan. Two years later he is working, just won employee of the month and a promotion to management. For this and the many IAS-sponsored campaigns, I am—to say the least—thrilled that I was able to complete payment of my IAS Lifetime Membership last month and will continue to be a Monthly Supporter of the IAS. It is a great feeling to be able to help.”—D.H., Canada

“I became a member in the first 3 months of entering Scientology. I did this because Scientology has given me knowledge, hope and belief in myself. I could write pages and pages of how much Scientology has helped me, and I am only a Purification Rundown completion. I never dreamed an organization could be so wonderful and perfect in its delivery, training and dedication to helping its fellow human beings. L. Ron Hubbard has given me so much and to give money back in order for this religion to stay strong and secure its knowledge for the ages to come is something that I find extremely easy to do.”—B.K., United Kingdom

“There’s absolutely nothing more rewarding than surviving in all aspects of life. And the IAS makes this possible in the largest respect. Nobody would have spiritual freedom without it. So we, the IAS, are making our future.”—G.B., California

“I thank the IAS from the bottom of my heart for providing help to mankind and for safeguarding Scientology. Therefore, I made a decision to become a Lifetime Member of the IAS and help more people. I am very happy to join such a meaningful group. It is an honor, as the IAS impacts every single being on Earth to have a happy life each and every day. To help and participate in helping my group and mankind is something that I am passionate about. The IAS helps people stay away from drugs and helps disseminate The Way to Happiness. I am sincerely grateful to have such a great group to help the world. It is everyone’s duty to become part of the team (the IAS) to help this wonderful planet. I invite you to join me as a Lifetime Member of the IAS.”—K.L., Taiwan

“I became a Lifetime Member because I don’t see any organization except for ours impacting the society on such a large scale. LRH has found the road to total freedom and right now these global salvage campaigns are needed to help people get on that road. And I am glad to be a part of this right now!”—E.V., United States

“I read in IMPACT magazine what the IAS is doing to salvage the planet by sponsoring many needed programs and I was moved to become a member of the IAS. I am very happy to be part of the global team that is helping mankind!”—D.O.

“I became a member of the IAS because I wanted to help push forward our programs to stop the degeneration of the planet.”—S.H.

“IAS grants fund incredibly good programs to handle these planetary problems. Especially in the last two years, I have seen these programs reaching broadly—and on orders of magnitude that would really handle these problems that we have! By getting the Lifetime Memberships for our children, I feel that my husband and I have really postulated the future for them in Scientology! I am very pleased and both children are both very aware of their new status and so happy about it, because they are truly part of the team now!”—D.D., South Africa

“Before I did my Lifetime Membership I always tried to give something towards it every month, because with all of the things the IAS helps, it made me feel like I was doing something. Because I got help and because I could do my Lifetime Membership, I felt like it was the necessary thing to do. Let’s get the truth out there so people don’t have to suffer.”—P.K., United States

“For the wellbeing of every child and teenager, we need to make the whole world a safe place for them to grow up in. The IAS and the global salvage campaigns are the solutions. Without them I don’t know where I would be, and I MEAN THAT. Our support to the IAS is the ONLY way we can ensure a thriving future for Scientology and the whole world, where no children will get in the hell of drugs anymore. Why? Because the real data about drugs will be spread for everyone to know and understand. And our Church will be there to create a safe world and will welcome anyone who wants true spiritual advance.”—S.V., Canada

“When I read what the IAS is making possible to salvage the planet, I was inspired to become a member. There is no organization with such a purpose to salvage Earth as the IAS. I feel privileged to be part of a winning team that is out to salvage the planet.”—S.D.

“I feel that my contribution to the IAS is an investment in the future of mankind.”—D.N.

“My wife and I became members of the IAS to support the humanitarian programs with the purpose of raising our children without fear and restoring order and actual peace on planet Earth.”—G.C.

“There are a lot of ways to achieve the goal of life but Scientology is the finest way, so I became an IAS member. The most valuable thing to me about being a member of the IAS is thinking of myself as being of service to mankind.”—S.R.