An IAS Field Disseminator is an IAS member who assists the Association to help others to become members or advance in membership or IAS status. The program is modeled on the successful Field Staff Member (FSM) program in all Scientology Churches, created by L. Ron Hubbard.

As an IAS member, you can participate in this program, no matter your skill or training level.

This is how it works:

When you directly bring or send an individual to see the local Membership Officer, or to a Continental Membership Office for a briefing, fundraising interview or to attend an IAS event, you may be eligible to receive a 5% fundraising commission on any membership fees or donations received from the individual as a direct result of that visit.

Or, if you are someone who already disseminates and are familiar with the subject, you can personally brief someone on the purpose and accomplishments of the IAS and directly participate in raising the membership fees or donations. When you do, you may be eligible to receive up to a 10% commission on the funds you have raised.

There are three levels of IAS Field Disseminator: Provisional, Permanent and Professional.

At each level you will be provided with tools and drills to make you more expert. Staff at the Continental Membership Offices are available to assist you.

Participating as a Field Disseminator is one of the most rewarding activities possible. Thousands of IAS members to date have taken on this crusade as their purpose in life—many even turning that help to be their lifework.

As an IAS Field Disseminator, one takes on the responsibility for enlightening others or bringing in others to be enlightened, with the purpose to join as members or to advance in Honor Status. It is a role that is both simple and satisfying.

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Being a Field Disseminator means getting others to see that the IAS IS the answer to getting LRH technology out into the world. It’s the decision they make to support THE group that is doing the most to protect and advance Scientology around the world—the IAS. It’s making true group members. For THAT is the real power of the IAS. Our power and influence is directly related to the number of dedicated members we have. So building those members is what gives me my drive and has done so from the beginning. After all, when everything is said and done, that’s what it is all about. —T.C. FLORIDA, USA

The IAS is a global movement. I realized that if I lent my skills and abilities to this group, I could make the optimum impact for who I am… Frankly that impact as I enter my seventh year as a fulltime Field Disseminator is still being realized by me. It expands daily as the IAS penetrates with its campaigns and programs deeper and deeper into this planet in the largest and most effective attempt to salvage man that has ever occurred anywhere. —T.F. LOS ANGELES, USA

What drove me to become a Field Disseminator for the IAS was the purpose that I personally have to help this planet and bring Scientology to everyone, everywhere. Through the IAS I feel this is the fastest and most effective way to help humanity and ensure the future of Scientology! When I encourage individuals to help and support the IAS, I feel I am doing something effective for this civilization. —A.B. ITALY

I want a better world, a brighter future for all—and the IAS makes ALL the programs that can and are helping to create that future possible. Because of all the people I’ve personally spoken with on behalf of Scientology and the IAS, I have so many people as my friends, genuine friends, all over the world. Each time I get a Scientologist to sign up as a Lifetime Member I get such joy as the wins that person has are the same wins that I am having. They always become more able as they increase their RESPONSIBILITY on their eight dynamics. —J.P. LOS ANGELES, USA

This is the biggest game in the universe—guaranteeing the future of Scientology! When I read the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics and got to the statement “Greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics…” I thought about this a lot. What kind of game could this be? I finally found it: to be an IAS Field Disseminator. —A.K. HUNGARY

I became an IAS Field Disseminator because I saw with my own eyes that what changed my country 180 degrees were the IAS-sponsored campaigns. I want this for the entire planet! —M.L. COLOMBIA

I became a Field Disseminator because I wanted to play an active part in helping expand the group that is leading the way in handling this planet and creating an OT civilization! —S.R. NEW YORK, USA