• 3.73 billion people use the Internet—49.6% of the global population.
  • There are 19 free Scientology Online Courses available in 17 languages at
  • The most popular Scientology Online Courses are Technology of Study, Communication and The Emotional Tone Scale.
  • Every hour, 24 hours a day, more than 13 people complete an online lesson.
Your support of the IAS is making possible Ideal Narconons on every continent. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

In every country, city and home, people face problems that are ruining their lives. For most of life’s problems, LRH solutions are available to everyone, anytime, in the 19 Scientology Tools for Life online courses at IAS grants support the Internet ads that direct people to the website.

Here are just a few of the life-changing wins students have had on these courses:


“This course has made me realize, even though we have been together for over four years, that communication, although sometimes considered as something in the background, is most important in a relationship.

“This course made me understand that our whole life in a relationship is learning, respect, care and honesty. We should never forget that simply talking can resolve many barriers that life can create. There was a lack of communication initially between me and my partner, with delays in answers, and concealment of important facts. But after we talked and after I showed him this course, he also understood that if we want to stay together for many years, we have to be united and create for this journey to happen.”—M.M.B., Portugal


“I learned new things from doing this course. For each practical exercise I put into practice what I learned. This helped me personally to have better communication and it gave me the opportunity to find a way to interact with other people.

“A great positive change is that now I do not have a hard time communicating with a person, using the data from this course. I can use the triangle to relate to a person and share realities we have in common.

“It used to be difficult for me to interact with others and establish communication, but now I use this course to help myself to have communication.”—D.V., Mexico


“Thank you for the opportunity to receive and absorb this knowledge. This course is a priceless way out of the confusion! For me it was a gift of the opening of stability and how a stable person reduces confusion. This knowledge that I now have is valuable and important. With this, I can improve efficiency and now I have an understanding what good control means and how to use this to be cause in the material universe, not the effect.

“The biggest, most valuable thing for me was to understand how to relieve fatigue and introversion with the procedures ‘Walk’ and ‘Look at the people!’ It was a real discovery for me. In my life there was a period when I did not want to go outside or look at people, and this resulted in a very narrow circle of friends. Now I realized that the correct way is to go out and look!”—O.M., Russia


“I am currently a doctor and I work in a hospital. I will not deny that when I started the course I was a bit disbelieving in the face of this kind of help. I believed that only science and medicine and the medicines that I gave to patients were the ones that could change and handle pains. But with this course I learned that it is not so and the new knowledge and new experiences I now have will be put into practice with my patients, my friends and my relatives—and those people who are willing to receive the help.”—D.J., Colombia

Your support of the IAS is making possible Ideal Narconons on every continent. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.