Narconon Ojai—Salvaging Lives from the Grip of Addiction

  • Over 13.8 million teenagers across the globe have used cannabis in the past year.
  • Drug overdose deaths internationally have more than tripled since 1990, with an average of 1,200 people dying on a daily basis.
  • Drug and alcohol addiction costs the U.S. economy over $600 billion a year.
  • Alcohol is the most widely abused substance in the U.S. and yet only 7% of alcoholics ever receive treatment.
Narconon Ojai—Salvaging Lives from the Grip of Addiction
Your support of the IAS is helping to save lives every day with the Narconon program.

Since opening its doors in 2015, the Narconon Ojai Center, made possible by generous grants from the IAS, has saved countless lives from the destruction of drug and alcohol abuse. Located just two hours northwest of Los Angeles, the forty-acre estate is perched on a hilltop with panoramic views of the expansive Ojai Valley.

This unique facility was established specifically to serve the special needs of prominent individuals in the arts and for leaders of society. Here are successes from two of its recent graduates:

“Upon my arrival at Narconon I was a mess. In fact, I was such a mess that I had reached the point of being incapable of recognizing the depth to which I had sunk.

Luckily, and thankfully, I had loved ones who cared enough for the person I used to be, and could be once again, that they intervened on my behalf and contacted Narconon.

This program has saved my life. It has given me back all that I had so carelessly and thoughtlessly tossed away. It has given me hope. It has allowed me to dream again. It has given me the priceless gift of realizing, and I mean truly realizing, the number of people who loved me, and whom I in turn loved back. From the moment I was first contacted by Narconon, I have dealt with people of the highest, most professional, moral and ethical standards. And for that I am thankful. Narconon is a very simple program. Step one is helping the student to reach a level of stability. Step two involves cleansing the body and mind of all toxins. This is achieved through the use of a sauna, exercise and a supervised vitamin program. Step three is where, through a course of objectives, the student is taught to live more in the present and assisted in learning more about themselves and what is truly important to them.

These are my words, and mine alone. This is what I have taken from Narconon. I have the tools, I have my health back, and I have the go-ahead to live life again. I also believe I have some new lifelong friends to whom I am extremely grateful. Thank you, Narconon!”
—B.K., Narconon Ojai Graduate

“Being an addict is the loneliest road ever taken, not alone. Ironically, being an addict rarely do you find that you are by yourself. Even on the cold nights in the middle of winter, being homeless on the streets you are not truly alone. Somewhere there are people who care for you and a family who mourns your absence and your struggles. I spent over a year on the streets, struggling to survive, doing what I thought was necessary to make it another day. All the while thinking I was alone, but I wasn’t. I had a mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, son and other loved ones who were praying for my return.

Drugs gripped my soul and had taken my ability to do anything but trudge through the feet of snow, looking for more drugs. I robbed, stole, lied and cheated for drugs. At one point, I remember accepting the fact that I had gone too far, that I had done too many drugs and I was unable to be helped. But finally, after a near-death experience, I came to realize that I wasn’t alone. I had a family who cared and people who loved me and who wanted to aid me in beating my addiction.

With the help and support of my family, and a lot of willingness on my part, less than one year later I’m back on my feet. I’m working, staying sober, still fighting the good fight to stay there, but I’m able to do it with the help and support of my family.

The importance of family to me is undeniably the reason I get to write this story today and can stay clean and sober to tell my story again tomorrow. Thanks to my family, I was able to get a second chance at life. With the tools and knowledge from the technology I learned at Narconon, I am able to live a happy, drug-free life.”
—M.M., Narconon Ojai Graduate

Your support of the IAS is helping to save lives every day with the Narconon program.