Narconon Suncoast—Saving Lives Every Day

  • An estimated 255 million people internationally consume illegal drugs. (2017 United Nations World Drug Report)
  • Today, an average of 115 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • The annual income for illicit drug trafficking is estimated between $426 and $652 billion. (2017 Global Financial Integrity Report)
  • An average of 88,000 people die from alcohol abuse every year in the U.S. (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism)
Narconon Suncoast saving lives every day
Your support of the IAS is making it possible to establish Model Narconons on every continent. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

Across the world, IAS-sponsored Model Narconon Centers are giving people back their lives, restoring self-confidence, and opening the door to a brighter future. Here is a success from one of the students from Narconon Suncoast in Clearwater, Florida:

“In December of 2016, I overdosed and died for almost 20 minutes after shooting heroin mixed with Fentanyl.1

I will not go into great detail about my drug use, but I will say it’s been an ongoing problem since I was 14 years old. I suffered from terrible physical pain for over 15 years. Doctors diagnosed these symptoms as neuropathy,2 chronic fatigue syndrome and depression—along with being bi-polar and a drug addict on top of all that.

The mood swings were so severe I couldn’t function like a normal human being. I think at times my own family was afraid to be around me.

I tried a list of psychiatric drugs that only made things worse. I will share the fact that I was a heavy pot smoker for around 20 years, I used meth and cocaine for at least 10 years and I was on the strongest painkillers available and whatever else was around at the time. The use of drugs stopped being fun many years ago and my purpose was to just keep using them to survive—to try to not be in severe pain and withdrawal. Truth be told, I couldn’t even see straight. I was crazy.

I lived in a family where faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ was very important. I asked God to help me and in the following weeks I got my answer—my family sent me to Narconon Suncoast, a drug-free rehabilitation center, meaning they don’t give you more drugs to get you off drugs.

The sauna detox is like none other! Through this program, I purged every cell in my body from the drugs and every toxin I have ever been exposed to in my entire life. Day after day, I could feel these drugs leaving my body and being replaced with the highest quality of vitamins and multi-minerals and oils available. It helped my body to heal and my mind to clear—and be at the highest level of functioning possible with no traces of drugs left. Also, it took away the cravings that I always fought, because how can you crave something your body doesn’t have memory of? You can’t! This has given me back the choice to decide what I want to do with my body and that’s to cherish it, to respect it and to take care of it. I am more grateful for this experience than words can express. My body doesn’t hurt anymore and my mind is clear. I am happy and at peace. I feel 20 years younger!

As a licensed massage therapist for 17 years, I know how important and therapeutic human touch is for healing. Here they call it ‘assists,’ which are techniques to help with physical pain. I see these physical techniques as helping the energy flow and re-connection of the body, mind and spirit, calming the body so it can heal. For me, this is nothing short of a miracle, because years of severe neuropathy and pain are gone and it’s been a vital part of this program for me.

I have not met one person here who doesn’t care about every addicted, broken, hurt and lost human being that comes through these doors. Until someone has walked a mile in your shoes, it’s hard to understand. The staff have encouraged me and fought for me even when I didn’t feel like fighting for myself. I’m so grateful for this experience to come to Narconon Suncoast and I’m so excited to see what’s next.” —L.R., USA

  1. A powerful sedative, up to 50 times more potent than heroin
  2. Disease of the nervous system

Your support of the IAS is making it possible to establish Model Narconons on every continent. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.