• More U.S. high school seniors smoke marijuana than cigarettes.
  • According to the last UN World Drug Report, 1 in 20 adults used illicit drugs at least once in the previous year—a quarter of a billion people.
  • Each day over 68,000 people learn The Truth About Drugs.
  • Over 1.5 million pages of the drugfreeworld.org website are viewed every week.
The Truth About Drugs campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

As tens of thousands of Truth About Drugs booklets and materials arrive each week in the hands of educators, group leaders and government officials around the world, the Drug-Free World movement builds an unstoppable momentum. Here are some of the most recent responses from this IAS-sponsored campaign:

“I have been asked by the State Office of Education to teach a course on alcohol, tobacco, and drug education to teachers.

“I have used the lessons and information from Drug-Free World throughout my years of teaching and have found it to be a great resource. I would like to give those attending my course your Truth About Drugs Educator’s package. I feel that this would be a very vital resource for them as they prepare to teach this subject in their schools.”

Junior High School Teacher, USA

“With the Truth About Drugs educational materials and lessons which I have thoroughly reviewed and vigorously endorse, we can raise our head high in confidence that we have effective drug awareness and prevention tools for use in communities, schools, churches and drug-free clubs throughout the area. So, to all who are united in the effort to make Nigeria drug-free, accept and utilize the advantage of these well-researched, professionally crafted, youth-friendly and free materials gifted by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.”

Executive from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Nigeria

“I just wanted to let you know that I just finished up my second semester health class presentations for this year. With my presentations from the first semester, I have given the program to a total of about 250 junior and senior students. This is the third year that I have used the program and I find it a great resource. It is well received by the students who have seen it. Thanks again for those items! They help with getting the students to participate.”

School Resource Officer, USA

“These materials are just awesome. We had picked them up at a town hall and have been using them all the time but we are running out. They are the best by far when it comes to talking about these drugs to families… Again we are so impressed with how you have put these booklets together! Can we put your website on our website to inform people of what you offer?”

President of an addiction recovery group, USA

The Truth About Drugs campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.