• 3.7 billion people use the Internet—more than half of the world’s population.
  • There are 19 free Scientology Online Courses available in 17 languages at
  • Each week, online course supervisors grade nearly 4,000 course lessons.
  • Every hour, 24 hours a day, more than 13 people complete an online lesson.
Results such as these are made possible by the continued support of IAS members. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

IAS-sponsored Internet ads help direct millions of people from around the world to the Scientology website. There they can enroll on any one of the 19 free Online Courses.

Online supervisors grade the lessons and ensure that students understand and can apply what they learn. Here are some recent success stories from those who have completed these courses and successfully applied Scientology fundamentals to improve their lives:


“The Targets and Goals course was ridiculously good. I was very impressed that this course included a real-life supervisor who graded my assignments and offered helpful advice.

“If you’d asked me a couple weeks ago whether I thought a free online class would produce new realizations and positive changes in my life, I’d have been highly skeptical. But this class did that in a huge way!

“First, and most importantly, despite having read numerous books on getting organized and making several attempts to put a strategic plan in place over the seven years, this is the only book/course I’ve walked away from WITH A REAL-LIFE STRATEGIC PLAN and a BATTLE PLAN for next week. Seriously! What more could I ask for?

“Second, while working on this course, I saw some personal shortcomings of mine come to light in a way they haven’t previously. Yes, I suspected they were there, but I largely ignored them, hoping they’d go away.

“For reference, I’m a 40-year-old attorney who owns his own firm. I am not a Scientologist, and only visited an Org for the first time two weeks ago. I hope people check it out for themselves. Scientology seems to have a heck of a lot to offer!

“I can’t wait to take more free online courses from the Scientology Handbook!”

C.S., United States


“This course turned out to be both the best and the most difficult for me at the same time, because it was difficult for me to confront people face to face. The bullbaiting exercise was difficult, but the results are impressive! My confront has developed very much. Now I have become calmer in the presence of strangers. I feel more open and less constrained, and it is easier for me to enter into communications, which immediately improved my quality of life. I discovered the artistry that I once suppressed. Now, when I speak in public, I say things confidently and with intention, which makes my speeches more convincing and lively. And I’m more relaxed. Communication is an invaluable skill for life and I’m glad that I now have it on a new level!”

I.G., Estonia


“Wow, what can I say?! This is my first course and it was definitely a good one. I’ve learned, as the title suggests, the cause of suppression. I understand what sort of people cause suppression and have been able to see this in the real world. I’ve come to understand that some people near me have antisocial characteristics and I’ve been given this skill to deal with them. This course has helped me deeply and personally as I realized I have been suppressed. I now know how to tell if someone is under suppression and the steps in order to help them locate the SP and remove it from their lives.

“Thanks to my supervisors. I’ll be continuing my other courses and know I’ll definitely need your help!”

R.D., United Kingdom

Results such as these are made possible by the continued support of IAS members. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.