• More than twelve million people internationally inject drugs every year.
  • In the United States, only 31% of high school seniors think regular marijuana use is harmful.
  • In the last twelve months, over 6,700 Drug Educator packages were ordered and shipped.
  • Truth About Drugs lectures and drug education materials have been delivered to more than 6,000 schools since June 2016.
The Truth About Drugs campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

Requests for the Truth About Drugs materials come in every week from teachers, group leaders and government officials around the world. Each request is filled thanks to grants from the IAS.

Here are some of the most recent responses from this IAS-sponsored campaign:

“I am a teacher teaching drug education and find your website and materials really useful and up-to-date. Keep up the good work and dedication! This is the best material available—especially since it has been updated with synthetic marijuana.”

Career Development Teacher, Malta

“I am just writing to thank you for the invaluable work you do with young people through Drug-Free World.

“Both times you have come into my school, you have presented at an appropriate level for teenagers, and have encouraged and inspired them to make healthy choices in their lives.

“The material is accessible to all students especially in my school where we have many languages. The fact that students can access the material in their own language, speaks volumes to them, making them feel valued and important.

“Communicating with teenagers in a meaningful way so that it affects their lives is not easy, but you manage to do it and engage them in the learning process. The feedback from the students alone speaks for itself.

“Thank you again for all you are doing to serve our community. I look forward to continued partnership in the near future.”

High School Teacher, Canada

“Raising public awareness of drugs is no easy task these days. Yet there you are at community forums, at the Hispanic drug prevention conference, and at other important civic events offering free Truth About Drugs booklets to the kids and their parents, letting them know not just why but how to stay healthy, happy and drug-free.

“Through your drug education with the Truth About Drugs materials you are helping to make our city drug-free. And with these well-grounded resources available to children and, as importantly, to parents, you are reaching young hearts and minds with a message that can safeguard them for life.”

City Arts Administrator, USA

“I just want to thank you so much for providing this material. My group has very little funds and we could not get the info out without your program. This is by far the best program I have found in my nine years of teaching health. The students are very interested in it and I have actually had students say that they thought they would eventually try certain drugs but after this program they do not want to go near the stuff. Makes me feel good that they are benefiting from this program and we are possibly saving lives.”

Physical Education Teacher, USA

The Truth About Drugs campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.