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We stand at a crossroads of history, a place and point in time where your actions in the here and now will reshape the destiny of Earth.

Today our expansion is measured in terms of broad-scale impact out in society, with effective help rendered to cities, states and entire nations. The underlying causes of this new era are manifest in the actions of individual Scientologists at the forefront of our international campaigns.

In fact, they are the story of the IAS.

It all began in 1984, when the International Association of Scientologists was formed. It was a time when our religious freedom was under attack and delegates from Scientology churches in country after country gathered at Saint Hill to forge together one group in recognition of the need to unite all Scientologists as an international body. And to confirm their dedication to achieve the Aims of Scientology, those first IAS delegates formulated and signed The Pledge to Mankind to embody those goals.

Since its inception, the pledge has been a rallying point for all members and signed by thousands more.


Church of Scientology International has adopted membership in the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) as its official Scientology Membership system. Upon that announcement, IAS assumed the full responsibility for memberships in the Scientology religion and for swelling the ranks of members — a subject considered of vital importance by LRH from the very beginning:

"We must continue to work together as a very close team for very many reasons. We must recruit the HAS [Hubbard Association of Scientologists] and swell its membership ranks as high as possible…. Membership in the HAS is membership in an organization which is determined to free man."   LRH – Associate Newsletter No. 1953, ca. May


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