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Churches of Scientology offer Members of the Association a discount of 10% on Scientology materials. They also offer members reduced donation rates for training and auditing services.

As a further benefit, only members of the IAS are eligible for a sliding scale of donations on auditing, Training Scholarships and Professional Rates offered by Churches of Scientology.

The IAS membership card which identifies and distinguishes you as a Lifetime Member of the IAS, eligible for membership benefits and privileges.

Impact, the premier magazine of the Scientology religion is provided to members free of charge bimonthly. This magazine keeps you informed of Scientology expansion and accomplishments worldwide.

Only valid members of the IAS may receive and maintain Scientology certificates per HCO PL 30 July 1962 “Certification and Validation requirements”

Members of the Association have preferred admission to and seating at IAS-sponsored events.

Only members of the IAS are eligible to become IAS Field Disseminators and therefore can participate in the Field Disseminator program.

The right to take part in award games whereby you can win unique awards offered by the Association.

From time to time members also receive other publications and items provided by the Association such as the annual IAS calendar.

The right to participate in vital membership activities which assist in the expansion and spread of Scientology around the world.

The greatest benefit is the knowledge that you have helped to ensure the future of the Scientology religion and to make possible many expansion and dissemination activities.

You have the right to stand and be counted as one who has made a commitment to be part of the only membership which is determined to free man.


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