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Any Scientologist who is in good standing with a Church of Scientology may become a member of the IAS.

Anyone who is not a Scientologist but who is in agreement with the Pledge to Mankind and the Aims of Scientology may, upon contribution to the Association, be accorded the status of Associate Member by the IAS. Associate Member status does not entitle the holder to the benefits and privileges of membership.

There are three categories of membership: Free 6 Month memberships, Annual membership and Lifetime membership.

Free 6 month memberships are available to new Scientologists. This membership is valid for a period of six months and is not renewable. An individual may obtain a Free 6 Month membership only once.

Free 6 Month members will receive the Association’s magazine Impact and other mailings from the IAS during the course of their membership.

Annual membership is valid for one year. Membership dues for Annual membership are set by the IAS and are $500.00 U.S. (or its equivalent in other currencies) in most countries.

Annual membership may be renewed at any time by payment to the IAS of the next year’s membership dues. Annual membership entitles the holder to all the benefits and privileges granted by the IAS to its Annual Members.

Lifetime membership is valid for the duration of the present lifetime of the holder. Membership dues for Lifetime membership are $5,000.00 U.S. (or its equivalent in other currencies).

Lifetime membership entitles the holder to all the benefits and privileges granted by the IAS to its Lifetime members.

Special Honor Statuses may be awarded by the IAS for outstanding contribution as designated by the Association. These Honor Statuses are valid for the duration of the membership of the holder. Special recognitions and awards are given to members who have attained these Honor Statuses.

The special status of Founding Member is granted to all with Lifetime membership dated 31 December 1994 or earlier. This special status is valid for the lifetime of the member. Founding Members are eligible for all benefits and privileges of this status as announced, including a Founding Member Lifetime membership card.


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