Empowering Youth to Lead Drug-Free Lives

  • Recreational marijuana has been decriminalized in 29 countries worldwide—meaning possession of small amounts no longer carries criminal penalties.
  • In the US, overdose deaths involving opioids has risen 6 times since 1999, with an average of 130 Americans dying every day.
  • Educators, counselors, police and like-minded organizations place more than 1,500 orders a week for Truth About Drugs materials.
The Truth About Drugs campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

Requests for the Truth About Drugs materials are received every day from people all over the world, including from many individuals in a position to make a difference in their zones of influence. A request may be for one educator’s package or thousands of Truth About Drugs booklets. Each order is filled free of charge thanks to support from the IAS.

Here are recent responses from those who have ordered Truth About Drugs materials:

“I have been teaching the Truth About Drugs program at the East Middle School in the city of Plymouth, Massachusetts, for over four years now. The number of students varies between 20 to 38 per class. When I teach, I teach between two to three classes a day. I find when I am teaching the program that the children often ask very good and detailed questions. Usually classroom time ends before I can even answer all of the students’ questions for a particular chapter. I have been able to mix the course material with my real-life work experiences and give out a very strong message to the children about staying away from drugs. The program really works and keeps the students’ attention. Since we started the program here in the city of Plymouth, drug, alcohol and drug trafficking calls from the school have dropped approximately 90-95%.

“By teaching this program it has also allowed myself and other officers to be able to get close to the children and bridge a gap between police and the students. I strongly recommend the program and promote it whenever I can.”
—D.F., School Resource Officer, Massachusetts, USA

“I have shown my students the DVD documentary The Truth About Drugs for the past two years and have found it very informative and engaging for my students. I would absolutely love and benefit from your educator kit. Thank you.”
—S.K., Elementary School Teacher, British Columbia, Canada

“I love what you are doing. I am a business owner and retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer with 20 years experience in investigating drugs, drug addiction, money laundering through financial markets and corruption. Canada has gone headlong into full legalization of recreational marijuana and is now talking about legalizing all drugs. I have created a small drug education website, but I think there is a need for mass education to help handle this drug epidemic. I would love to work with your program.”
—R.B., Retired Police Officer, Canada

“I’m very happy because I have received your Truth About Drugs package. I am a police officer in Spain and I usually give talks about drugs in primary schools and to groups. Drugs are a very important problem nowadays as they cause a lot of suffering and damage to many people and their families. Your materials are very informative and educational. Please continue with this important task to promote a healthy society and a better world. Thank you very much.”
—G.T., Police Officer, Valencia, Spain

“Thank you for delivering the Truth About Drugs materials to me. Using the kit has been really helpful. My clients loved the booklets and all the information provided, and it really got them active in the group, which is always important. Even the majority of them loved participating with the assignments and written work too! I find the program very useful and that is why I continue using it.”
—D.M., Counselor, Illinois, USA

The Truth About Drugs campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.