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Scientology Volunteer Ministers: SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT (CONTINUED...)

Poster: When Confusion Hinders Help... But that is only one facet of this new movement. An extensive survey showed that 76% of people want to help others, particularly in times of national disaster they just don’t know how.

Therefore, when a Volunteer Minister Cavalcade travels to a city, while providing help to individuals, it will reach others who want to help, with a series of billboards.

They can then contact the Volunteer Ministers and become members of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Response Team.

Volunteer Ministers will also specifically assist those social services agencies that manage volunteers, by mailing a new International Disaster Response Team brochure to all branches of emergency social services.

It contains a description of the history and activities of the Volunteer Minister program, and provides all the information they need to get volunteers trained on assist tech, and everything else provided in the Scientology Handbook.

You've heard the call for help... You've liste You've witnessed the destruction...

Once these brochures are received by social services, fire and police chiefs and Emergency Medical Teams, they refer local citizens to the Volunteer Minister tents for training.

At the same time, Volunteer Ministers will offer training to emergency personnel themselves.

In this way, each community builds its own Scientology Disaster Response Team.

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