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In Zimbabwe, teachers in eleven districts, including all seven districts in the province of Mashonaland Central, were trained in Study Technology. Welcomed by local officials, this technology has played a vital role in improving education in Zimbabwe with more than 18,000 teachers trained and 826 schools using Study Technology. As a result, a million students have benefited. One school achieved a 100 percent pass rate for students on their leaving exam, not just once, but year after year, after the headmaster was trained on Study Technology.

Lecturers from many of Sudan’s universities came to Khartoum University to train on the Basic Study Manual and Effective Teaching Course, training made possible by a grant from the IAS, and delivered by IAS members.

In the United States, the World Literacy Crusade was originally founded in response to the civil disturbances that shook Los Angeles in 1992. It has helped some 11,000 youths with Study Technology, with an average increase in reading scores of two academic years for every 20 hours of tutoring. The World Literacy Crusade has now grown to 12 groups in three countries and its impressive results have won it widespread community support. The Hollywood Education and Literacy Project, H.E.L.P., has been a growing activity using Study Technology since it opened in Hollywood in 1997, and it has now expanded to 19 groups in three countries. Both have been assisted in their expansion by grants from the US IAS Members’ Trust.

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