• Retailers in the United States lose $60 billion annually from employee theft and shoplifting.
  • More than half of all marriages in the world end in divorce.
  • In the last 12 months there have been over 10,000 requests for The Way to Happiness materials.
  • Over 120 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been distributed worldwide.

Every day lives are being changed through the IAS-sponsored The Way to Happiness campaign. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

In a recent week, people in 35 countries around the world placed over 200 orders for The Way to Happiness educational materials.

The following are some of the many responses from those that have requested and received these materials—which are provided to them free of charge thanks to grants from the IAS:

“I am happy to inform you that I have used the materials sent by you in a very useful way.

I have given the booklets to 12 to 16 year olds, and I have given the posters to the Zilla Parishad School who has displayed them for the students to look at, at least once a day.

Congratulations to you for the wonderful work you are doing for bringing happiness among the people. I am also thankful to you for giving me an opportunity to do something in this great issue.”—India

“This year I am in charge of 60 university students in the course on ethics and leadership.

Without a doubt the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness are very profound, both when reading the book and watching and discussing the videos. And people readily originate actions in which they put them into practice.

I am in the process of locating teams to spread the message, because our country needs a lot of work in values.”—Guatemala

“We got some copies of the booklet from your representative in Rwanda.

We have disseminated copies to almost all our prisons in Uganda. The 21 principles have been accepted as part of our rehabilitation program for inmates. Staff have also shown much interest in reading this little book.”—Uganda

“I am a church minister and a behavioral trainer. There are many people in different companies who are very busy every day but less and less happy. I want to share The Way to Happiness with them.”—The Philippines

“I have read The Way to Happiness and agree with you and believe those are the basics we all need as a society to achieve a more responsible and happy life. Your booklet is the best thing every country can wish for. We can help every child with it and make the world a better place.”—South Africa

“This is the best platform to change the behavior of society and especially those who are marginalized socially and economically. I wish you all the best for what you are doing via spreading the awareness for happiness.”—Pakistan

Every day lives are being changed through the IAS-sponsored The Way to Happiness campaign. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants. Now is the time for every member to advance to their next IAS status.