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Since its opening in 2001, Narconon Arrowhead has been operating at capacity and is currently expanding further to accommodate more students. The number of people freed from drugs has tripled and the number receiving drug education lectures has increased by 13 times. In Arrowhead’s five saunas and fully equipped exercise room, more than 800 hours of detoxification occur weekly. The course rooms are packed with students moving through their Narconon Life Skills courses. In staff course rooms, students from all over the world train to open Narconon centers in their areas.

Narconon Arrowhead’s spaces for assists, medical consultation and withdrawal, dining quarters and residential rooms are all designed to provide a safe environment in which individuals can overcome their addiction and begin a new life. The 300 seat auditorium is the site of workshops, conferences and packed graduations which celebrate the making of drug-free lives.

Since the opening of the Arrowhead facility, Narconon groups or centers have opened in eleven new countries, including Austria, Belgium Latvia, Pakistan, Serbia and Vietnam. Narconon now operates in 37 countries with 183 centers and groups. Every eight weeks, a new Narconon facility opens somewhere in the world.

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