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Since 1992, IAS grants have funded the production and distribution of more than 13 million CCHR booklets, informational pamphlets, investigatory white papers and public advocacy advertisements, as well as two books exposing psychiatry’s abuses and its Nazi past: Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal and Psychiatrists: The Men Behind Hitler.

IAS-sponsored CCHR brochures

These IAS-sponsored publications now comprise an extensive library of materials on psychiatric abuses and crimes which CCHR distributes widely. Through these publications, psychiatry’s invasive and destructive influence at all levels of society is well documented: from the false labeling and druggging of children to the abuse of fragile elderly patients with electroshock and heavy mind-damaging drugs.

Most recently, twenty separate booklets were published, covering the broad spectrum of psychiatry’s attempt to subvert society. Each thoroughly researched booklet provides facts and figures and educates readers on the exact results of psychiatric abuse and shows what people can do to protect themselves, their families and their communities.

All are published in 15 languages and funded by grants from the IAS and US IAS Members’ Trust.

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