• There are over 27 million victims of human trafficking worldwide.
  • An estimated 150 million children worldwide are engaged in child labor.
  • Over 500 orders for United for Human Rights materials are received every week.
  • In the last year, more than 850,000 students globally have received United for Human Rights lessons in their classrooms.
The Human Rights Campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.

Requests come in every day for the IAS-sponsored United for Human Rights campaign materials.

These arrive from teachers, university professors, human rights organizations, lawyers and many others. Each request is fulfilled at no cost, thanks to grants from the IAS.

Here is what a few of those who wrote in about the program have to say:

“I ordered the Youth for Human Rights package two years ago. The materials and subject matter have been very important in my classroom. I loved the music video for the song UNITED as well as the paper airplane activity.

“It is a very good way to teach the class the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

Middle School Teacher, USA

“The booklets were of great help when we tackled the issue of human rights in general as well as when we addressed the right to quality education in particular. The booklets gave a great insight to my students.

“They added credibility and authenticity to the instructional sessions. I gave a few copies also to my colleagues, supervisors and the school administration!”

University Professor, Tunisia

“I have been using the Human Rights materials for several years. I am currently teaching 10th grade global studies and I use the material extensively during my human rights unit. This would include all thirty Public Service Announcements and the United for Human Rights website material related to the Declaration of Human Rights.

“In previous years I taught 8th grade United States history, and I used the material in my Civil Rights unit of that class.”

High School Teacher, USA

“Apart from dealing with the project of human rights as a separate course of the curriculum, I have also started implementing it in the English classes I am teaching in schools, and the teenagers are thrilled with all this information and the projects we are currently dealing with. Thank you very much. Keep working and inspiring us the way you do.”

High School Teacher, Greece

“Thank you very much. We have received your package. We are conducting study circles (community based human rights forums) in the field at the grass roots with literate youth and will be distributing these booklets to them for information and discussion.

“We will be very grateful if you send us another such package for another program in different sites where we are working with youths to teach them about their human rights as well as health as a human right.”

Educator, Pakistan

The Human Rights Campaign is made possible through your support of the IAS. It is one of the vital programs funded by IAS grants.