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In Poland, an IAS grant funded 60,000 copies of The Way to Happiness for distribution to prison inmates, with the booklets printed right inside a Polish prison. Another grant funded 50,000 booklets for distribution in Rwanda, the Congo and Burundi. Volunteers in Zimbabwe reached people from all walks of life, including farmers, soldiers, prisoners, shop owners, nurses and doctors, with copies of The Way to Happiness funded by IAS grants.

In 2002, The Way to Happiness was distributed by an IAS member throughout the South American country of Guyana. 4,000 copies were requested for use by the Police Department alone and another 5,000 by a world peace organization working in the country. Copies were enclosed in a major newspaper and finally, to ensure no one was left out, a national mailing was sent to all households in the country.

The Mayor of Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, later said of the project, “The importance of your work, both in Guyana and elsewhere, needs to be seen against a background where the world we know is at a crossroads, a transition in our own civilization. Every period of civilization required a group or an individual to be the catalyst for change for good. It is my belief that you are a crucial part of that great catalysis, that change that must take place. We do this so that we can bequeath to our descendants a caring, peaceful world of happiness.”

In the Middle East, a million copies of The Way to Happiness, funded by IAS grants, were distributed in Arabic and Hebrew through schools and refugee camps, kiosks and on the streets. IAS members and other volunteers delivered copies of The Way to Happiness door to door and thousands of copies were inserted in Israeli newspapers. A program of workshops for schools was launched to help both Palestinian and Israeli students and teachers use The Way to Happiness in their daily lives.

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